$77.00 A Month Facebook Management

Managing your online business can be very difficult at times. With an ever-changing online world, you can find yourself lost and wondering how does it work? Well, here in Service Marketing NOW we live for the updates and algorithm changes and were also in the United States. With years of social media experience, our team knows what it takes to get the job done. From start to finish, we take our clients marketing to the next level. We have a proven system that works and every day we are keeping up with ever-growing changes.


Why you ask are we so economically priced?

Well, that's simple, we as a team know how many businesses in the world continually promise results and often do not deliver. With that in mind, We created the $77.00 a month Facebook 

management plan to prove a point. We can and will help you grow your brand, and were willing to offer you and your business a service you can afford knowing that long term you will need even more services we offer from our quality work. 


We start by taking the time to understand the client you want and we build a profile and persona. 


Then we develop content meant to educate, inform and entertain that client all while promoting your business.


Once the hard part is done we distribute your content in local groups in your area to reach people in your service areas.


Then when people contact your business page, we qualify them before handing you a new, qualified leads that will convert.

Proven Results

In December of 2018 after meeting with James Hicks the CEO of Ohio Turf Solutions in Lebanon, Ohio our team launched his very first campaign. After planning calls, we presented James with the concept of doing a holiday coloring contents and purchasing 3 gift cards. 1 for $25 dollars, 1 for $50.00 and 1 for $100 dollars. We asked to promote in local groups and to brand, the campaign and James said yes. 

Within the first 6 days, we had reached 20,000 people and raked in 4 hot leads, with no ad expense and James decided to run a few ads on the post. 

For another week our team shared this post 30 times for James and his team building more and more momentum. We aimed our traffic to his website and away from Facebook to sign up and download the pdf drawing sheet we provided for the contest and merely 4 weeks later we had a winner with over 700 votes from local friends and family and we  reached nearly half a million people with over 500 new contacts gained and 75 leads. 

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